3 Reasons Veterans are Vital to the Trucking Industry

At Diamond Freight Systems Inc. (DFSI), we’re constantly doing research and analyzing new, and pre-existing trends in the trucking industry. In today’s blog post, we’ll be looking at veterans and how they fit into our industry.

With salaries ranging upwards of $75,000 for honorably discharged veterans, the trucking industry continues its historical search for recruiting more veterans. There are countless parallels between veterans’ previous experience in the military and that of the lifestyle trucking provides them. In fact, truck drivers who are veterans, statistically have 42% fewer accidents per year compared to their non-veteran counterparts.

3 Reasons Veterans are Vital to the Trucking Industry
Among these startling statistics, here are three reasons why veterans are vital to the trucking industry.

1. Military Skills Overlap With General Soft Skills Required in Trucking

Veterans usually possess highly sought-after soft skills like situational awareness, dependability, leadership, and teamwork. When transitioning military skills, many of the life lessons learned while in service can come in handy for veterans in the trucking industry. Being incredibly disciplined and taught the importance of duty, the picture becomes clearer for veterans transitioning to civilian life. Considering that one in four veterans are truckers, it’s also clear that many veterans naturally find their way into the trucking industry.

2. Veterans Understand Being Away From Home for Long Periods of Time

It’s no secret that truck drivers normally spend a lot of their workday traveling from state to state or cross-country. In fact, in recent years, veterans who are truck drivers have had 98% more miles than non-veteran drivers. Not to mention, for veterans of the military, it can make sense to transition to the trucking industry. For many veterans, the military lifestyle requires them to move frequently or sporadically throughout their careers. As truck drivers, they are more likely to understand, and even respect, the lifestyle of truckers.

3. High Turnover Rates in the Industry Become Lower When Veterans Are Drivers

With issues of high turnover rates in the trucking industry, veterans often times can help stabilize any volatility trucking companies face. In 2020, the average turnover rate is 90% at large freight carrier trucking companies. One theory for why veterans have a better time sticking with large freight companies is that they don’t shy away when times become difficult in the industry. It may also help that most veterans understand the importance of camaraderie and the concept of being in a military family. Having a teamwork mindset can further help veterans in the trucking industry.

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